Where children are given the opportunities to learn through play.

Play is the beginning of knowledge.

Early childhood integrates exploration, art, literature, math, music and movement and outdoor play into early childhood programs. I provide open - ended materials for play and allow children the time to discover that there is more than one way to play. Children don't know they are learning as they play. I focus on using language as the foundation for early learning, such as, self talk, parallel talk, language modeling, play - based and routine - based care.

In our classroom we create an environment that encourages children to learn science through exploration of their world with fun hands on activities. The activities are built on children's natural sense of curiosity, wonder and discovery.

My major goal is to encourage the children to participate in important life skills and build self-confidence in themselves.

There's nothing like a Smile on a child's face.
Stop by and enjoy our early childhood classroom.
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